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Pick up Revox B 795 HiEnd: Direct Drive, speed 33/45, cueing,  tangential, capac de protectie, poze reale, doza si ac Ortofon FF 10 XE.


Drive: quartz-controlled direct drive
tonearm: Tangentialtonarm with servo electronic Nachsteuerung
Tonarmsenkung: electronically controlled, pneumatically damped
Turntable: 313mm diameter, 2.1kg weight, 33.33 and 45.00 rpm speed
Skating compensation: none, not required for tangential systems
Tracking force: 8mN to 20mN
Speed control: Synchronized light fields
Flutter: rated better than 0.05%, linear better than 0.1%
Rumpel-noise ratio: 48dB
Rumpel-noise ratio: better than 50dB with 20Hz high pass filter
Rumpel-noise ratio: better than 70dB

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