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Amplificator Nad model L 53

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Amplificator Nad model L 53 : 2 intari, 2 iesiri, impedanta 8-16 ohmi, mufe aurite, optical+coaxial, afisaj si incarcare centrala, unitatea de CD/DVD  cateodata sare sau nu citeste,  radio cu memorii, RDS, EON, PTY, DTS, SRS, culoare titan, poze reale.



The first feeling that arises at studying the characteristics of NAD L53 is a slight bewilderment. Target audience is not quite clear. The fans of home cinema need a full set of amplifiers for 5.1 system's configuration, and this DVD-receiver has only two amplification channels. On the other hand, the lovers of stereo as signal source traditionally prefer a specialized CD-players but not DVD-players. It would be rational to equip the model with multi-channel analog audio output for building of complete AV system, but this is not done. Obviously, NAD L53 will find shelter with those users, who devote most part of their leisure time to listening to music and only sometimes diversify it by movies. Nevertheless, a certain illogic of constructive solution doesn't take from the merit of NAD L53: a solid weight, only analog amplification, thick front panel made of aluminum, strict design, well-organized set-up menu - all of these s peaks in favor of the device. The attached remote control reminds those, which AV-receivers of the company are equipped with.

I must say that the quality of video part in NAD L53 refutes the assumption about restricted, highly musical use of the model. The player sits the "blacker than black" test without problems, color palette is rich and natural. There is no Chroma bug in sight. The image differs by stability and smoothness in line-by-line mode. We can complain only about the absence of digital HDMI interface for the connection of last generation display. Speaking about audio talents of NAD L53 in the field of home cinema you won't regret about incomplete set of amplifiers. The sound - even in stereo - is surprisingly volumetric and rich. When you disconnect subwoofer, DVD-receiver skillfully distributes LFE signal between the front speakers due to that the sound turns out to be juicy and energetic. The reference of dialogs to the screen is just brilliant- as if a cool central speaker works. The effect also depends on correct placement of front pair. In the role of musician the device shows a well-known, branded style. Easy and neat softening of high-frequency range allows you to listen to not very well recorded CDs at high volume. Powerful and clear bass has a decent speed and attack. The presence of only two amplification channels in NAD L53 doesn't almost affect pleasure level, receiving from the favorite movies. Speaking about the performance of the model in stereo mode, it can be considered as almost perfect for the device of such class.

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